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June 02,2021

We sat down with Jamie from A.R. Pontius Flowers in Harbor Springs to talk about flowers!

“The Perry is one of our very favorite places to work,” Jamie said. “The venue and staff are the best!” Below are some of the weddings she’s had the honor of designing florals for.

I loved the colors in this wedding!  We had an opportunity to decorate the tent in a way that hadn’t been done before, with the installation between the main and connector tents. 

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We LOVE installations! This year we debuted our rectangular chandeliers with Kate and Mihkey’s wedding in the Rose Garden.  Lots of greens and hanging lights made this a showstopper.

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Although installations can be a featured element on the wedding day, don’t neglect the traditional elements of bouquets and boutonnieres. Krissey’s bouquets were stunning with pops of mauve, burgundy, and peach amidst the classic whites and greens. 

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The classic centerpiece is probably what your guests will see the most of.  Both of these arrangements feature local flowers and greens, including peonies, dahlias, and cosmos.  We strive to use local flowers as much as we can, and we also grow flowers at our farm north of Harbor Springs. 

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About A.R. Pontius Flower Shop

A.R. Pontius Flower Shop, on Main Street in Harbor Springs, has been providing floral and garden design in Northern Michigan for over 97 years. We design fresh flowers for weddings, events, everyday arrangements and plant annual and container gardens. We also carry a unique selection of indoor plants. We strive to use local flowers as much as possible, as well as plants that will thrive here in Northern Michigan. Our storefront in beautiful Harbor Springs is open seasonally and we are available year-round to help you with floral and gardening design. 

About Jamie

In 1923 Arthur Pontius left the printing business and started A.R. Pontius Flower Shop with his wife, Florence. They grew award-winning gladiolus and lilies in the lot behind the shop and sold them in the same location the shop is in today, on Main Street, in beautiful Harbor Springs, Michigan.

I grew up in Petoskey, just across Little Traverse Bay. In 2007, I moved back to Northern Michigan from San Francisco; I had spent the previous 10 years earning a vocal music degree and pursuing a performance career. A friend knew I had experience in gardening and plants and suggested I apply as a florist where he was working. I got the job.

In 2013, I bought A.R. Pontius Flower Shop from my aunt, Nancy Rondel. In the years since, my staff and I have designed and provided flowers for over 300 weddings and uncounted events and special occasions. We have created and delivered thousands of bouquets and arrangements, and we also grow flowers on our farm just north of Harbor Springs.

I love my job. I am extremely grateful to all of the clients that let me create for them and I am so proud to own a nearly 100-year-old flower shop.

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